Fingerprints and Forensic Services Ltd is a New Zealand based company, specialising in fingerprint practice.

Our clients, both national and international, include: Insurance Firms, Barristers and Solicitors, Private Investigators, Companies and individuals.

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Our Fingerprint Services Include

  • Expert witnesses in all levels of court work.
  • Independent fingerprint arbitration.
  • Exhibit examination for latent fingerprints, specializing in documents
    (did you know fingerprints on documents may last for decades?)
  • Scene examinations.
  • Fingerprint identification from supplied comparison sets or other specimens.
  • Recording and storage of personal fingerprints for immediate identity confirmation worldwide.
  • Any other fingerprint related work, including training.

Fingerprint Experts

  • Our staff averages 45 + years fingerprint experience per person.
  • Membership of professional bodies.
  • Integrity and confidentiality assured.

Contact Us

Contact: Manager
Telephone/fax New Zealand: (09) 489 9163 or (09) 444 0512
Telephone/fax International: +64 9 489 9163 or +64 9 444 0512 (New Zealand is 12 hours ahead of GMT.)
Postal Address: PO Box 33.1426, Takapuna, Auckland 0740

Forensic Experts

Our associates are experienced and qualified in all areas of forensic science and skills, including... handwriting analyses, drugs, DNA, arson, explosives, blood and chemical analyses, paint, hair, fibre and glass comparisons.
Please inquire for a free initial consultation with the relevant expert.

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